Friday, December 2, 2011

113SM/HFK activation

Hi Arie,

Thank You very much for Your help! Your call-sign will be 113SM/HFK. You will do something absolutely special for s! Your help will be REALLY BIG!

Here is regulations of SM-HFK “Help for Krystian” competition.

1.      Competition is organized by Polish DX Group SUGAR MIKE
2.      All information related with competition are published on official PG DX SUGAR MIKE website

Competition schedules:
Competition will take place in three sessions:
1 – from 3rd to 4th December 2011
2 – from 10th to 11th December 2011
3 – from 17th to 18th December 2011
Each session will begin first day on 00:00 GMT, and will end on 24:00 GMT of the second day.

In time of SM-HFK Competition points will be granted for each QSO with unique station. Stations xxxSM/HFK will log stations using “in the log” system, without progressive numbers.

After the end of SM-HFK Competition, two classifications will be prepared:
HFK -  Station working as xxxSM/HFK,
OPEN – Individual or club stations.

Each QSO – 1 point.

Logs should contain: QSO date, time of the connection, correspondent sign, send and receive reports. After last session of Competition logs should be send by email to competition manager 161SM270  Bob. Logs must be send on no later than last of December 2011.

Competition results will be published on the website of the Polish Group DX SUGAR MIKE -

Diplomas and awards:
For participation in the competition all participants will be awarded to Electronic Certificates. Additionally, for the first three places in each category will be awarded trophies, and for places 4th to 15th - diplomas.

Event Organizers decisions are final and can’t be subject of appeal.

In this moment following stations will be on the air:

2SM/HFK by 2NY515 John,
3SM/HFK by 3ET002 David,
10SM/HFK/A by 10SM010 Ricardo
11SM/HFK by 11SD135 Carlos
13SM/HFK by 13SM111 Lars
18SM/HFK by 18ET001 Theo
26SM/HFK/A by 26SM109 Zoli
26SM/HFK/B by 26ET004 Tomek
29SM/HFK by 29ET018 Paul
30SM/HFK/A by 30RC189 Juan
30SM/HFK/B by 30RC314 Pablo
30SM/HFK/C by 30RC315 Miguel
33SM/HFK by 33ET101 Larry
35SM/HFK by 35OD127 Greg
41SM/HFK by 41ET133 Sean
50SM/HFK by 50SM077 Roma
67SM/HFK by 67ET001 Roberto
97SM/HFK by 97SM101 Ilan
113SM/HFK by 113MB190 Arie
161SM/HFK/A by SM HQ Team
161SM/HFK/B by 161SC074 Jacek
161SM/HFK/C by 161SM256 Piotr
161SM/HFK/D by 161ET002 Daniel
161SM/HFK/E by 161SM281 Krzysiek
161SM/HFK/F by 161ET003 Paweł
161SM/HFK/G by 161SM245 Artur
330SM/HFK by SM HQ Team

QSL Manager 
161SM270 Bob, Po Box 101 43-385 Jasienica
Contribution: 1 Euro or 1 US Dolar + SAE. We will be gratefull for any greater donations.
Any donations will be contributed for little Krystian.

If You have any question feel free to write to me.

Best 73’s de 161SM032 Marc
Skype: sm32studio

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