Thursday, May 6, 2010

QSL Card de 108AT019

Hi Leigh-Ann.

You are my 1st QSO with XYL stn ever in 11m! and also my 1st contact to 108 div...

May 6, 2010 i rcvd your nice QSL. Other QSL rcvd are from 327KL137 & 309EX303.

Actually, i very happy to rcvd 3 QSL in the same day where all the QSO & QSL that i recieved are from the new DXCC to me!

See you again on 11m band. 73

QSL card de 327KL137

Hi Peter 327KL137.

Happy to QSO with you for the 1st time. Your div is new DXCC to me and tnx for the nice QSL + 1 extra card as collection :)

Rcvd : May 6, 2010

QSL Card de 309EX303

Hi Valdimir. Tnx for nice QSL.

This is my 1st QSL form 309 div. Of course my 1st time QSO to 309 div too!

Tnx vary much. See u on the air!

Rcvd ; May 6, 2010.